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Two favorite Reylomegaverse short stories by Elegy Goldsmith, now in a limited print edition!


(Don't) Leave the Porch Light On

Rey's first heat involves midnight skinny dipping, unsafe sex, and knotting by the hot older guy in the A-frame next door.


Call Me Alpha

Omega Rey can’t stand her stepbrother Ben, an Alpha. When they’re left alone together, what began as a childish prank turns into something much more perverse.


Content Warnings include:

Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Alpha/Omega, Extremely Dubious Consent, Rape/Non-Con Elements, Loss of Virginity, Heat & Rut, Possessive Behavior, Unsafe Sex, Pseudoincest (stepsiblings), Mating Bites, Painful Sex

DYAD, Vol. 1

SKU: dyad001
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