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Dyad Vol 1

Our Story

Lava & Lore was founded in 2023 by erotica writer Elegy Goldsmith. A boutique press specializing in high quality darkfic, L&L publishes Reylo-, Darklina-, Zutara-, and Dramione-style ships, featuring emotionally conflicted characters and dynamic storylines set against the backdrop of vibrant—often alien—worlds.

At Lava & Lore, we believe in thorough tagging rather than censorship, and are firmly sex-positive. We exist at the place where artistry and sexuality collide, and welcome you to join us for your next literary adventure.

My Books
Reviews for Eos

Goldsmith's gift for imagery is astounding, and my ship of Hesper and Altair was so massive that it put the Black Pearl to shame. [Altair] makes literary references of my favorite books and authors (He loves Lovecraft and Neal Stephenson!) Oh, and don't forget the steamy sex scenes. My glasses fogged right up!

A. P. Bullard,

Triskele Reviews

In the press
Book Signing
Jul 03, 2035, 7:00 PM
The Little Book Store,
500 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
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